Comedy Central coverage doesn’t begin until 11 PM. Time to take a shower, walk the dog and prepare a vegan dinner.


Stay Safe

We got off easy here in FL. Stay safe my friends. I wish I were there.

To All My Friends

To all my friends in the Mid Atlantic regions who warned against moving to Florida due to extreme summer heat.



I hope you get your electricity back soon, the epic heat wave continues.




Dog Days

Working and inventing.

We got a puppy, it is a French Bulldog. We took it to the doc the day after we got it. It had a respiratory infection and the put him on antibiotics. The drugs didn’t work and he developed pneumonia. He is now on other drugs. I’ve not slept a wink and am on my way to work. Send good puppy thoughts our way.

Welcome to Florida

We moved to a slightly larger apartment — had bedbugs, someone stole my bike tire, and my gf was hit from behind by some old women.


I still love the warmth and the ocean, but we are having apartment issues, and there’s some unethical situations at work. Just to say that if you are ordering a top shelf Whiskey here it’s likely they would have put some rail shit in the bottle and served it to you.The managers here are told to do this. Know your colors is all I can say. I worked at bars in college and for the last couple years in the Mid-Atlantic and this would not have been tolerated. I was told by several people it’s common here because no ones cares about the customer only about money. Go Florida.


Finally got a job. I don’t recommend moving then going to Mexico on vacation ( leaving your girlfriend behind) before getting a job to anyone.